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Roger Goodell and leadership

In keeping with my short tradition of things musical and/or theological, I’d like to offer my views on the current furor in the NFL. Four players have been arrested, convicted, or indicted on some form of domestic violence. One, Ray Rice, was suspended for two games for knocking out his then fiance with a punch […]

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Worship Music

About a year ago, I became the worship leader at Standing Stones Church. It is a position I am still growing into. There’s nothing like a change in position to bring about a change in perspective. I think about worship music so differently than I did a year ago. A year ago, I could worship […]

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Now Where Was I …

It’s been two years since my last post, and a lot has happened to all of us, I’m sure. For that is the way God holds our interest; by changing our circumstances to keep us from becoming bored with our own existence. We slip toward our common end while striving to be more, to mean […]

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