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Religion of Peace Part 3

In the first two parts, I hypothesized that God deals with people sympathetically. He knows how we think and feel and act, and caters his actions to our capabilities. And he is always working to make us capable of more. This resulted in the historical and ethical incongruity we know as the slaughter of the […]

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Religion of Peace Part 2

Last time we looked at the LORD’s command to wipe out the descendants of Amalek and how it was congruent with the more violent outlook of people back then. David regularly wiped out all the people of the towns he raided so as not to leave witnesses. A thousand years later, the Romans still followed […]

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Religion of Peace?

You might think I refer here to Islam, but no. Islam is caught up in a hopelessly anachronistic attempt to revive its fortunes by the classic power move. Its leaders blame its failures on its adherents. If only they were purer, better, like those seventh and eighth century followers, Islam could return to its former […]

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Kindness is Wrong

What kind of world are we making for ourselves? When did being kind to another human become wrong? You know what I’m talking about. The Bible doesn’t talk much about pizza or wedding cakes, so we’re pretty much on our own, but again, when is it wrong to be nice? I just can’t get past […]

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Blinded By The Light

We’re all blind to a certain extant, biblically speaking. There are passages we read and yet are unable to fully comprehend. And why? Because the Lord has decreed that it be so. He “blinds” us and freely admits it. Here is the first passage in the Bible to use the word blind, The LORD said […]

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Not About Easter

Today’s service was great. The music, the preaching, the bonhomie. It was a good gospel message on a day when a good gospel message is somehow even more appropriate than ever. We went to a crowded restaurant after a Baptist nap, the usual Easter. It was great but this post isn’t about Easter. It is […]

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What’s Up With? 2

Maybe this will be a sporadic series about things I don’t understand about science. I have a theory about Christian thought and science. Some of the major tenets: 1.) The Bible in no way contradicts science – and vice versa. For example, I believe the nearly 14 billion years the universe has existed is exactly the same […]

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The Cross

Today is the anniversary of the Last Supper. I think. Or maybe the last supper was eaten on a Friday. Definitely one or the other. Unless they started eating while it was light (Jewish Thursday) and ended the festivities after dark (Jewish Friday). I read that this year our days of the week sync up […]

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Animal Theology and Praxis Part 2

I said in the previous post that I used a leash while God uses circumstances. That list of God’s tools was woefully incomplete. He communicates to us in various ways at various times, as the beginning of Hebrews tells us. Previously by his prophets, and so his word. Now we add Jesus’ example and the […]

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