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When I think of the image I have of God, or at least of his actions and disposition, the word I think of first has come to be heroic. My heroic God and our heroic God. Although my idea of heroic isn’t the same as most people’s idea. I imagine most of us think of a […]

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Religion of Peace Part 6

I ended the last post with a sarcastic quote, a quote that I have actually heard in real life, and more than once. “Oh, you have some new understanding of Scripture that no one has grasped over the last 2000 years?”  How can anyone answer in the affirmative without seeming prideful and arrogant? The answer […]

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First Let’s Kill All The Liars

The title of this post is a play on a line from Shakespeare’s King Lear. First let’s kill all the lawyers. Perhaps I shouldn’t start by joking because I want to talk about a very sad story. Yesterday I read about a grandmother who was sentenced to life in prison for killing her granddaughter, and […]

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Religion of Peace Part 5

We’ve been thinking about how the meanings of certain passages are changed over time, when God has finally made us ready to perceive them in a new way. We looked at Jesus and Isaiah as they told us we would see and hear parts of God’s word but not understand them. We surmised that God […]

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Religion of Peace Part 4

I want to show you something from the Bible that I find startling. I think God has designed the Bible to progressively reveal slightly different aspects of His Plan as we are ready to receive them. In my mind it is truly the living word. When John tells us Jesus is the living Word, it […]

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