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Fun Run

Written By: Jon Jaroszewski - Feb• 23•15

A few weeks ago, they held the Instant Gratification 0.0 Fun Run in Philadelphia. I think it was 0.0 kilometers but it might have been 0.0 miles. The starting line was also the finish line.

I wish I would have known about it, so I could have intended to run. Because I give myself credit for my intentions. I think most of us unconsciously do. On the other hand, few us give others credit for their intentions, probably because we don’t know the intentions of other people for the most part.

So back to the “race.” Is it an analogy for Salvation? Do we take one step and we’re “in?” Or is one step too much; does God actually push us over the starting line?

And one more question. Is God’s starting line the same as his finish line in regards to Salvation? This is the only question I can answer. Paul, and the author of Hebrews 6, and maybe even John in early Revelation, think that Salvation has a starting point distinct from the finish line.

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