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The Cross

Written By: Jon Jaroszewski - Apr• 03•15

Today is the anniversary of the Last Supper. I think. Or maybe the last supper was eaten on a Friday. Definitely one or the other. Unless they started eating while it was light (Jewish Thursday) and ended the festivities after dark (Jewish Friday).

I read that this year our days of the week sync up with the days of our year 33CE, the year Jesus died. So he was resurrected on April 5th, 33CE. CE stands for Common Era, so named I think because Resurrection Sunday was when it became possible for non-Jews also to be saved. Christianity was somewhat like a form of Judaism without the nationalistic exclusivity, even the Common man could be saved. Hence, the Common Era.

Because it’s Holy Week I have begun thinking more, and more deeply, about the Cross.

I don’t ignore it during the rest of the year but … I think you might know what I mean.

During the rest of the year, the Cross is one element of many. I think of the Cross and Jesus’ absolute commitment, but I also think about God’s love and loving my neighbor and a multitude of other Christiany things, but this week the Cross becomes prominent; the thing among the many.

This week when I think about God’s love, it is in relation to the Cross. How he has laid his life down for the many because of love. The crucifixion is Jesus jumping on top of the grenade. And more. It wasn’t a split second decision to save others in his platoon that he wouldn’t live to regret, it was the long, slow, painful, deliberate, and careful execution of a plan that had been unfolding since eternity.

Jesus, by dying without sin made a mockery of death. If he could die although he never sinned, then death was no longer just. It had lost its claim to justice. The wages of not sinning were also death.

Death was no longer an Absolute. It could not be the sole basis of a physical judgment. Love was shown to be the finer Absolute, the better and more just basis.

Loving my neighbor, because of this (the Cross), because Jesus showed us love, should be easier.

This week, when I write the word Cross, I capitalize it.

This week I remember, although I have not experienced it yet, that Jesus made a public spectacle of sin, and of death.

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