A Courteous Contrararian

What is a Jesusian?

Written By: Jon Jaroszewski

Good question, I’m glad I asked.

A Jesusian would be someone who follows Jesus. Next question?

Q. Don’t we already have a perfectly good word for such a person; Christian?

A. Yes. Even though I’ve become a Jesusian, I also remain a Christian. But I’ve become disenchanted with some of the conclusions drawn by the main factions within Christianity (both conservative and liberal) and especially disenchanted with many of the things we tell each other, and the world, about our magnificent God. Making up a new category allows me to distance myself from such claims.

Etymologically, “Christians” seems to mean “followers of Christ” and Christ is the Greek iteration of the Hebrew word for Messiah. I don’t follow the Messiah so much as I follow Jesus. Messiah is a role while Jesus is a person.

Christ didn’t say, “follow me,” Jesus did. The Messiah was preordained to die for our sins, I could never hope to do such a momentous thing. The Messiah came to establish the rule of peace and justice over all the earth, I have a difficult time remaining peaceful and just within myself. The Messiah will someday hand the reigns of Heaven and Earth back to his Father, after he has made his enemies his footstool. I only hope to watch and shouts my praises.

Jesus, however, is more accessible than that. He offers concrete examples I am more capable of emulating. I can turn the other cheek and do unto others. I can take up my euphemistic cross daily and follow him in the many ways he asks, for Jesus was and remains fully human. (there is one mediator between God and man, the man Jesus Christ)

In short, to follow Jesus seems like a realistic goal, to follow the Messiah is far above my pay grade.