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True Religion

The Dalai Lama has reputedly said, “My religion is kindness.” It struck a chord with many people, it seems like such a noble practice. We all love to be treated kindly. Most of us would like to be thought of as kind. It hardly seems like a controversial statement. Yet if there is blowback, or […]

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Fun Run

A few weeks ago, they held the Instant Gratification 0.0 Fun Run in Philadelphia. I think it was 0.0 kilometers but it might have been 0.0 miles. The starting line was also the finish line. I wish I would have known about it, so I could have intended to run. Because I give myself […]

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Predestination 9

Paul has shifted from the present tense to our hope for the future. Creation groans, we groan inwardly, and in a few verses, the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans. What is God doing in response to all this groaning? 27 And he who searches our hearts knows the mind of the Spirit, because […]

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Predestination 8

So. The Chosen and the called. The Predestined and the rest of us. Two ways to the Father and both through Jesus. We’ve been considering how God works with us all using the same methods but varies the degree of pressure he exerts on each group. The more power and responsibility entrusted, the greater the […]

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