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Theology and Praxis In The Canine Population

Don’t let the title of the post scare you. I want to talk about the way my dog acts. First a disclaimer: I don’t actually know for sure if any of my dogs have held to any specific theologies. I can’t claim to know what they think or believe. But based on long observation of their actions, […]

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What’s Up With?

I’m easily puzzled sometimes, and when I am, it usually is by some scientific principle I thought I knew that doesn’t  hold true. I love science, I really do. We are becoming so much more precise in discovering and measuring God’s great universe. Cosmology, paleontology, biology, quantum physics… and what’s up with quantum physics? How […]

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Preaching at Standing Stones

I preached today at Standing Stones Church, where I regularly lead worship. I loved it. It was a wonderful experience. But not in ways I expected. I expected to be nervous and I was, body-numbingingly nervous at first. I expected that I would probably preach badly and I did. I expected to stay fairly close […]

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