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Doing the Work of God

Written By: Jon Jaroszewski - Jul• 24•15

I heard a story on NPR yesterday that horrified me until I started to understand why God is allowing it.

ISIS, everyone’s favorite bad guys, have been displaying remarkable diversity when choosing murder victims. In addition to Christians and other religious groups, they have been uploading videos of their efforts to rid the caliphate of homosexuals.

Standard procedure, after identifying someone as gay, seems to be to throw them off a rooftop and then stone them to death. Thoughtfully, before they toss them, they save their cellphones. This allows them to search the dead man’s contacts and texts in hopes of tracking down future victims. Soon, we might surmise, the only LGBT people left in the Islamic State will be those without phones.

Mohammed borrowed primarily from three religions to construct the religious collage we call Islam: Christianity and Zoroastrianism to a lesser degree and Judaism much more heavily. I am not an Islamic scholar by any means but somewhere along the way Mohammed must have picked up the little nugget from Leviticus 20 about killing homosexuals. The faithful Muslims are even employing the preferred Levitical method of execution for the sexually immoral when they kill them by stoning.

In all this, it seems to me, although I disagree with much else in their philosophies and practices, they are doing the work of God. And although I hold out scant hope for a political or military solution, might this point of agreement be the beginning of a new ecumenicalism; a place where Jew, Muslim, and Christian might find a common ground?

Some Christians, and I fear some Jews, may have strayed far enough from biblical teaching as to abhor the murder of someone for their sexual orientation. But these are some of the same people who consistently point to the OT description of homosexuality as an abomination. We can’t have it both ways, people. If we insist that it is an abomination, we must insist on their deaths. Because one of the two verses that calls man on man action an abomination also calls for their deaths.

And we don’t have to feel bad about killing them because the verse say the blood guilt falls upon the victims, not the killers. If there is a man who lies with a male as those who lie with a woman, both of them have committed a detestable act; they shall surely be put to death. Their bloodguiltiness is upon them. [Lev 20:13 NASB]

Hooray, ISIS, good for you!

In churches all across America in the last few weeks, pastors have lamented the Supreme Court decision favoring gay marriage. I think this is wrong. The Bible, as near as I can tell, is much in favor of marriage. But now we have a way to please (almost) everybody and still remain biblical. We can let the Ls, as well as the Bs and Gs, and maybe even the Ts, get married. And then we can stone them to death on their honeymoons.

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